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The Advantage of Working With A Google Premier Partner

Mabo have recently been awarded Premier Partner status from Google. This is of course a huge achievement for us as a company and it shows just how far we have come in only three years. From our MD’s home office to Boho 5 (Learn more about Lee Mableson here) we are now regarded by Google as one of the top PPC Management agencies within the UK. But the important question […]

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Extended Text Ads (ETA’s) are here, Google’s deadline has changed – What & Why

  By now you are probably fully aware Extended Text Ads (ETA’s) exist & how to change the ‘old’ style text ads over to this new format – if you don’t, here’s a blog on how to implement them. The original deadline (October 26th 2016) has been thrown in the bin in favour of a new deadline – January 31st 2017. Let’s have a look at what the deadline actually […]

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Google release Demographic for Search Ads (DFSA) from BETA.

  The day cometh!   Demographic for Search? For those advertisers that don’t have their account managed through a Premier Google Partner (such as ourselves), you may not be aware that Google have had a BETA program running that allows bid changes based on the sex and age group of the user. Mabo Media were given the opportunity to have early access to the demographic for search ads BETA for […]

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How to Upgrade Standard Text Ads to ETAs

Google recently announced the new ETAs (Expanded Text Ads) feature which gives advertisers more character spacing in their text ads, introduces a second headline and revamps the old display url. We think it’s a really exciting change that you’re going to want to make use of pretty quickly (Google’s deadline  – for the point at which standard ads can no longer be created or edited isn’t too far away), but […]

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The pitfalls of PPC automation

  Is automating your PPC management really getting you the best results? Or is there a better way?   Automation is no longer the far-off hypothesis of science-fiction writers, it is very much part of our everyday lives. All of a sudden self-driving cars and robot surgeons are discussed in terms of ‘when’ not ‘if’. In manufacturing and industrial sectors, workers may view automation as the dark cloud of impending […]

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4 simple steps for excellent client retention

  Sick of losing PPC clients? Are multiple ‘unlinks’ undermining your efforts as a top PPC Agency/Manager? Cure your client retention woes with these 4 simple steps!    1. Become The Client  Not literally, you still need to be you, but think about it – you are trying to improve client retention and with a client’s AdWords account it’s not your products/services you are selling, but an element of believing […]

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