Christmas Cheer, Disney Puzzles & Toilet Cubicle Mysteries

Another month has gone by and the festive period is upon us. The Christmas carolling has started, the Christmas shopping has begun & most importantly Im A Celebrity is about to start! Without further ado, I present to you some of the weird & not so wonderful search terms we have found. It’s a stressful time of year, you have just finished your Christmas shopping list & want to relax […]

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Google Expands Local Campaigns Inventory

Over the next few weeks, Google will be introducing several new features for local campaigns. Despite the overwhelming proportion of consumers shopping online, many purchases still take place in physical stores offline. It’s for this reason Google has focused on improving the advertising capabilities for brick-and-mortar retailers. Here’s the updates we can expect to see over the next few weeks… Local Business Goals  In the early stages, local campaigns were […]

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Google Merchant Centre Redesign And New Features

The Google Merchant Centre has not only had a redesign, but there’s also been a brand new feature added to improve the performance of advertisers Google Ads… The search engine has added multi-country feeds to allow advertisers to target multiple countries that share the same language, all by using a single feed in that language. To put this into context, Google have given us the following example…  “if you upload […]

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New Google Ads Editor Update

Google Ads Editor has recently been updated with some new features that should prove to be handy for Google Ads advertisers.   Share Negative Keyword Lists  To make sure your ads aren’t appearing in listings for any unwanted keywords you can now share your negative keyword lists across accounts by applying them within the Editor’s Shared Library.  Edit Pane You’re now able to condense and hide empty fields within the edit […]

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Google Ads New Conversion Measurement

Google Ads have announced that advertisers are now able to analyse each conversion by time, meaning not only will you be able to see the date of that the click that let to the conversion, but the date of the actual conversion itself. In an official statement, Google explain “starting today, you can report conversions and conversion values at the time they happened with new ‘by conversion time’ columns. This […]

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The Importance Of Working With A Google Premier Partner

What Is A Google Premier Partner?  The Google Partners programme is an initiative for advertising agencies who manage Google Ads accounts on behalf of their clients. The programme is made up of three tiers, all of which have a set of minimum requirements that must be met in order to qualify for the relative status. The highest level an advertiser can achieve within the Google Partners programme is Google Premier […]

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Cart Metrics Introduced For Google Shopping Campaigns

Advertisers running Google Ads Shopping Campaigns will now be able to view insightful metrics within the User Interface. Google has introduced this new feature to give advertisers a better indication of which products / brands are generating the most revenue. Data that will be available includes: Orders: Sales attributed to ad clicks. Average cart size: Sum of items in-cart divided by number of orders. Average order value: Revenue from clicks […]

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What is PPC Management and Why Do You Need It?

In a nutshell, PPC (Pay Per Click) Management refers to the tasks, strategies, and processes involved in managing Pay Per Click advertising.  However, it’s not quite that simple.  PPC management is all about… Or it is if you’re with the right agency. Why Do You Need A PPC Management Agency? 1 – Specialist Knowledge  Identifying what you want to achieve through Google Ads is simple. From increased sales to better […]

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Do Ram Raiding Goldfish Need a Gravestone & Is Fire Safe?

In the Month that Google celebrated its 21st birthday, Greta Thunberg became a meme and the World was determined to find out what’s inside Area 51 – unsurprisingly we have a selection of weird and wonderful search terms to appreciate. We are pleased to kick off with a search definitely suitable for the final quarter, with polite Tiny Tim making sure he isn’t in on the naughty list this Christmas. […]

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Reporting Introduced Across Accounts In Google Ads Report Editor

Google Ads have announced a brand new feature within Report Editor. If you’re an advertiser running more than one account for your different products, you’ll now be able to compare and assess the performance of the accounts within the Google Ads User Interface. A statement from Google explains… “For example, let’s say that you manage three accounts in different regions and want to look at global performance over time.” Prior […]

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