Naff Garden Plants, Poo Bags For Bears & Bitchy Cats

Another month and another round of weird and wonderful search terms for you all to enjoy! April provided us with some beauties, and so I’ve picked the funniest and most random entries submitted by our account managers, all in the name of lols! Let’s go! ———— We kick things off – see what I did there? – with a search term from an account in the healthcare industry. I’m going […]

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Five Things We Love About Google Ads Editor 1.0

Whenever anything new is introduced, there’s always opposition. “I don’t like change”, followed by “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it” is usually the way new product launches go; you only have to look at the reaction the new Google Ads interface received when it was phased in to see that new products aren’t always loved and accepted in the way the developers would like! (I was one of those […]

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Pass The Parcel, Zebra Crossings & Human Hearts For Sale

Welcome to the latest search term query report, where we find the latest and most random search terms people have been searching on Google. It is of course a new month, so March 2019, let’s see what you’ve got for us! ———— (Account industry – Sport & recreation) We start with a simple question that I feel the user should already know the answer to; if you can use Google, […]

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What is PPC Bid Management?

PPC Bid Management can sometimes be an overwhelming task, even for the most experienced PPC account managers. However, don’t fret, I’m here to break it all down for you. The Google Ads platform essentially runs like an online auction. Advertisers bid on their keywords in Google Search and on their products in Google Shopping. Google then delves into its pool of potential advertisers measuring certain factors such as the quality […]

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Minions, Bendy Spoons & Pricing Up Insects

Rest assured, the title of this latest blog piece isn’t what kids are currently spending their pocket money on, but it is in fact the title of what could only be the Search Term Query Report; bringing you the funniest search terms that our account managers have found in their accounts in the last month or so. So here goes: the first STQR of 2019! It turns out Uri Geller’s […]

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Google Ads To Retire Average Position Metric

Google recently announced the somewhat controversial decision to ‘sunset’ the Google Ads average position metric by September 2019. Google Ads has seen many changes over the years; even changing it’s name in the not too distant past (I’m still not quite out of the habit of calling it AdWords) and many features and metrics have come and gone, but the average position metric has been one of the constants. But […]

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My Relationship With My Clients Is Everything To Me

No, honestly! I know what you’re thinking: “you’ve been told to say that” but actually when asked the question of “what do you love most about your job”, this is exactly what I said. I think it’s easy to perceive digital agencies these days as faceless. Maybe you’ve had a bad experience, had a lack of communication with the very people running your Google Ads account or actually didn’t even […]

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Avoid A Nightmare Before Christmas

The PPC Guide To Stress-Free Christmas Advertising I once saw a PPC Christmas meme which said ‘holiday PPC is like a David Hasselhoff music video; it is chaos, yet a work of art, you hate it, yet cannot turn it off’. This got me thinking that there’s surely an easier way to manage your paid search over Christmas than it being utter chaos and a truly traumatising experience? So grab […]

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Apparently Female Urinals Are Now A Thing

It’s back! After a little summer break, the Search Term Query Report blog is back with some interesting finds from the last month of paid search. So here goes; the return of your favourite STQR blog! (Account industry – Healthcare) Up first we’ve got something that looks like it’s been written as part of a list for Santa, rather than Google. Although if a five-year-old is asking for a blood […]

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Google Drive’s Rebrand Includes Credit For Users And Offers For Hotels In Search

Google has been transferring users paying for Google Drive to Google One for the past few months, however the changes and updates now seem to be more prominent than ever. The search engine is in the process of replacing Google Drive with Google One; a newer, rebranded version. The updated version now displays a ‘Benefits’ section in the Google One app. Initially, ‘Benefits’ offers users a small amount of credit […]

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