Chasing Crows, Free Dogs & Cubicle Addictions

We had the longest day, Glastonbury and the Women’s World Cup in June, but we also had some slightly odd search terms line the search term query reports of our accounts. Here are six of the best (worst/weirdest/most random)… ———— We start in the world of gardening. In 1958, Chairman Mao decided that all sparrows in China were to be killed. He’d come to the conclusion that sparrows ate too […]

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New Features For A Better Keyword Planner

Are you starting your first Google Ads campaign or looking to get more traffic from Google through your existing advertising? Then first, you need to do your keyword research to understand what people are actually searching for when they look for your product. Google has a free tool available for doing just that, Google Keyword Planner, (formerly Google Keyword Tool). This powerful tool has been around (in its current guise) […]

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Google Trial Carousel Of Text Ads On Mobile

Google is testing a carousel of text ads on mobile. The search engine recently introduced something similar to Shopping Ads and saw great success, therefore have made the decision to mirror this with Text Ads. Due to the recent change of ad labeling, it’s getting quite hard to differentiate between ads and organic listings. For advertisers, as this is still in its infancy of trial stages, it’s difficult to say how […]

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Campaign-Level Conversion Actions Now Available For Search and Display Campaigns

Campaign-level conversion action settings are now available for Google Search and Display campaigns. Google also revealed that this conversion setting will also be supported for video campaigns towards the end of the year. Before this update, conversion action settings applied to an entire account. Although you were able to segment by conversion type at the campaign level, all conversions were totaled up in the ‘Conversions’ column. Previously, you weren’t able […]

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Five Reasons Why You Should Review Your Google Ads Account

  Do you find yourself receiving a lot of calls regarding a review on your Google Ads account and wonder what benefits you would see? Reviews can actually be key to achieving the best performance you’ve seen, and here are just five of the reasons why: Reason One – Every minute counts. Wouldn’t it be great to have an extra few hours in the day? Google Ads can be pretty […]

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Eau de Tool Shed, Gluing Kids Teeth & Transformative Energy Drinks

I swear the titles of these STQR blogs get more and more messed up every month. Here’s a selection of the most weird and wonderful searches found across the Mabo client list in May. ———— Whether you think this is genius or idiotic, you’ve got to appreciate the complexity of the search, and equally the results wanted from it. The search term comes from the events and parties industry, so […]

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Naff Garden Plants, Poo Bags For Bears & Bitchy Cats

Another month and another round of weird and wonderful search terms for you all to enjoy! April provided us with some beauties, and so I’ve picked the funniest and most random entries submitted by our account managers, all in the name of lols! Let’s go! ———— We kick things off – see what I did there? – with a search term from an account in the healthcare industry. I’m going […]

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Five Things We Love About Google Ads Editor 1.0

Whenever anything new is introduced, there’s always opposition. “I don’t like change”, followed by “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it” is usually the way new product launches go; you only have to look at the reaction the new Google Ads interface received when it was phased in to see that new products aren’t always loved and accepted in the way the developers would like! (I was one of those […]

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Pass The Parcel, Zebra Crossings & Human Hearts For Sale

Welcome to the latest search term query report, where we find the latest and most random search terms people have been searching on Google. It is of course a new month, so March 2019, let’s see what you’ve got for us! ———— (Account industry – Sport & recreation) We start with a simple question that I feel the user should already know the answer to; if you can use Google, […]

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What is PPC Bid Management?

PPC Bid Management can sometimes be an overwhelming task, even for the most experienced PPC account managers. However, don’t fret, I’m here to break it all down for you. The Google Ads platform essentially runs like an online auction. Advertisers bid on their keywords in Google Search and on their products in Google Shopping. Google then delves into its pool of potential advertisers measuring certain factors such as the quality […]

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