Instagram Tests Adding Timers To Stories.

We have all been there… clicking & tapping & sighing through 100’s of Instagram stories from everyone we follow. According to screenshots posted by user Kyle Harris (and shared by Matt Navarra), Instagram is now testing new timer listings beneath story bubbles, which will show how long each story has left before it’s erased.  With the timing being available, this may prompt people to view stories before they are removed from Instagram. Unless […]

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Instagram Reels.

It is official!!!! Instagram has added new branded content options, including branded content tags within reels. Instagram has begun to put more emphasis on reels as it seeks to compete with the rise of the new popular platform, TikTok. By offering reels, TikTok has given users the opportunity to make money from their clips. The new tags will give creators the option to formulate deals with brands in order to […]

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Instagram Features.

Happy Birthday, Instagram!!! How has this wonderful social platform been in our lives for 10 years already? Making me feel old… to mark the occasion, they are providing us with the presents. New celebratory features and updates, ranging from visual additions to the expansion of its eCommerce tools. Which will be offered to users of the platform. However, Instagram believes, the main celebratory element is its Stories Maps. These provide, for […]

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