First Glimpse Of New Look For Mobile Search Results

This week, Google launched a rebrand for how Search results would appear on mobile, including a change for both text ads and organic listings. For text ads, the black label has officially arrived. A few weeks ago we noticed the search engine testing a more subtle approach, moving away from the green rectangle to a plain, black, borderless label. The label is now appears adjacent to the display URL which […]

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Important Changes To Google Ads Mobile Speed Score

Speed has become a growing aspect of user experience for some time now, hence the recent push search engines have made towards mobile speed score. Therefore it comes as no surprise that Google have updated the way they calculate mobile speed score. This update now allows advertisers to analyse their mobile speed score for more of their pages. Ultimately, this provides advertisers with more data that allows them to make […]

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Google Rebrand Universal App Campaigns

Google has made the decision to rebrand their Universal App Campaigns, to be known as just “App Campaigns”. Google has reassured advertisers that the name change will not impact any campaign features or functionality. The search engine believes that the rebrand will help guide users towards selecting the most suitable campaign type for their business goals. Advertisers will also now be able to find app campaigns within the top-level campaign […]

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The importance of mobile site performance for PPC advertising

Having a good mobile site means there is a lot of opportunity for more conversions, better customer satisfaction and higher PPC ratings; this is because of the increase of mobile usage in recent years. Making sure your mobile site performance is looked at seriously will help you take advantage of the increasing number of searches on mobile. Mobile has grown The amount of Google searches in the current decade have […]

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An exceptional day for and in the life of Lee Mableson…

Mabo were recently chosen as one of 5 agencies from all Google Partner agencies in the UK (proud moment) to participate in Google’s latest initiative, the Google Mobile Vanguard program. The program is a closed invitation only program ran by Google, it was designed by them to accelerate mobile knowledge of top performing premier google partners. Why choose the best? Google want advertisers to succeed online, if they do, they […]

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Mabo have been chosen by Google to help spearhead their Vanguard program

  PPC management specialist agency Mabo have been selected by Google as one of the premier partner agencies to spearhead their new mobile initiative the Mobile Vanguard Program. Google have personally selected 5 UK based agencies who have proven to be leading innovators in embracing the rapid growth from mobile related searches on Google. In 2010 only 10% of Google searches were made on a mobile device, but in 2015 […]

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