Responsive Search Ads Are Now Available To All Advertisers

Having been in trial phase for over a year, Google has finally announced that the responsive search ads are now available for all Google ads advertisers. What They Are Responsive search ads are an automated ad format that test out and determine which combinations of headlines and descriptions work best for your ad. Why You Should Care  Responsive search ads remove a lot of guesswork for advertisers, in addition to […]

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Google Trial Brand New Ad Extension

Google Ads is trialling a brand new ad extension type called ‘lead form extensions’. For advertisers, this new lead form gives customers a faster, easier way to give you their information. How It Works  Users who are signed into their Google account are able to click on lead form extension within your search ad. From here, a Google-hosted form will pop up that’s already been pre-populated with their contact information. […]

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Google Search News!

There’s been some exciting news released from Google this week for anybody involved in the online search industry! Google has launched its very own YouTube channel dedicated to bringing you the latest Google Search news. The first episode aired this week and was centralised around the five most recent updates within Google Ads including: – recent updates to Google Search Console – change in the Webmaster office hours setup – […]

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Google Introduce New Smart Bidding Strategy

Google has introduced a brand new smart bidding strategy. Maximise conversion value has now been made available to all advertisers within Search campaigns. The search engine explains that this new smart bidding strategy will make use of historical campaign data and couple it with the searchers ‘contextual signals’ to decide the optimal CPC bid at auction time. As an advertiser, if you’re wanting to make the most of this new […]

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Google Testing Black Ad Label In Search

In 2017, Google first started playing around with the “Ad” label that appears directly next to text ads on Google. Since their last trial, Google has stuck to the green rectangle with ‘Ad’ within in it in order to differentiate text ads from the Google organic search results. The latest trial indicates that Google are looking to be testing a more subtle Ad label. This Wednesday, Darren Taylor, owner of […]

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Google Trial Giant Images Within Search Ads

This new ad format Google are testing shows several headlines featured above a carousel of large images with a description displayed below. Here, users are able to swipe through the set of images within the ad. When a user selects one of the images, Google brings up a page displaying all of the images and their captions. Then, just like any other text ad, clicking on the headline takes the […]

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Google Ads Introduce Click Share To Competitive Metrics Within Search Campaigns

Google has introduced the click share metric to Search campaigns in order to help advertisers get a well-rounded understanding of how their text ads are performing. It’s arguable that Google have made this change to combat the average position metric becoming less useful. The click share metric indicates to advertisers how many clicks their ads have received out of the total number of times Google estimated your ads could have […]

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Google Launch Four New Tools For Responsive Search Ads

Google has introduced a number of new updates to Responsive Search Ads to incorporate additional reporting functionalities and more languages. In terms of languages, responsive search ads are now available in: Danish, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish and Turkish. In addition, there are four new tools available for Responsive Search Ads: Real-time feedback. During ad creation, advertisers will now be shown a dynamically changing ad strength indicator. […]

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People Love Chicken Nuggets

Here’s your monthly dose of bizarre searches from Google from the last month or so; which just goes to prove how weird some people are. Without further ado, let’s get to it… Go home, Google user, you’re drunk! Bodmin only has a population of around 13,000, so the chances of finding a second-hand hand dryer are extremely slim, you’d think! (Account industry – Hand dryers) I take it this is […]

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Google announce ‘Mobile Speed Score’ as a factor in ad performance

As part of their 2018 product announcement, Google have launched ‘mobile speed score’, which can affect ad performance. Website speed has always been seen as a crucial contributing factor to the success of a website, eCommerce or otherwise. Since 2008, Google has used the speed of your landing page as a factor in calculating Quality Score for keywords. A slow website therefore can lower the Quality Score and require a […]

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