Bing Ads Search Terms Reporting Now Displays Shopping Campaigns

On Monday, Bing Ads updated the reporting grid and announced that it will now include an Added/Excluded keywords column. This improved reporting grid now incorporates a campaign type column within the ‘All Campaigns Keywords’ tab, where advertisers can now choose either shopping or search. In addition to this, Bing have also included an Added/ Excluded column, making it easier for advertisers to assess which search terms have already been added as negative […]

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Bing Ads Announce Price Extensions

  Bing has introduced a new feature that allows advertisers to add price extensions to mobile and desktop search ads. This year Bing have been focused on creating new opportunities for advertisers with their new Ad Extensions available on both Desktop and Mobile. To complement this, Bing have launched a new feature that now allows users to add price extensions to search ads. Price extensions are a version of a […]

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