Are You A Google Shopping Sheep?

Google AdWords is 17 years old. That means some of our apprentices at Mabo are the same age as the advertising platform we use day in, day out. Crazy! In that 17 years, Google have made a fair few changes to both the interface and the actual product itself – for a start you now have to pay to use it. Now what I’m about to say is by no […]

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The Advantages Of Google Shopping

It’s important to know that traditional text ad advertising is not the only way to effectively sell your products through Google. Find out what advantages there are to advertising your website through Google Shopping. Do you feel like your website could benefit from advertising on Google Shopping? If so, then complete the contact form below and a member of our team will be in touch.

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Kelkoo Appearing In Google Shopping Results

As some of you may well recall, Google were rumoured to be separating its shopping results after the £2.14bn fine they received in June from the EU. European regulators claimed that Google was artificially and illegally promoting its own price comparison service in searches, denying rival firms the ability to compete on a level playing field. This now means that third party price comparison and shopping websites can now display […]

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Google Reportedly Separating Its Shopping Service After EU Antitrust Fine

  Following on from Mabo’s recent blog post detailing recent changes to Google shopping this week, more changes are on the horizon as Google is forced to take action in response to an EU Antitrust Order. In June of this year, Google was hit with a record £2.14 billion fine for “abusing its dominance of the search engine market.” Specifically, this related to the way in which Google runs its […]

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We Spy A New Google Shopping Product Ranking System

Recently Google has implemented a numerical ranking system into Google Shopping results if the words ‘top’ or ‘best’ are used in customer search queries. While there has been no official word from Google on how the new product rankings are decided just yet, there are a few factors we can see which are are potentially at play here. Similar to how search ads are ranked by quality score, made up […]

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What are Shopping Results on Google and How Do I Advertise There?

  The Google search results are constantly changing to reflect the user’s need for information and results easily and quickly. One thing Google have put a lot of emphasis on developing over the last few years is Google Shopping. Google shopping has come under various pseudonyms during its time such as Google Base, Froogle, Product Listing Ads to name but a few. Google Shopping was a free tool for advertisers to begin […]

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