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Introducing – Facebook Shops

As businesses of all sizes are strengthening their digital presence and shifting their business models online, Facebook has recently launched Facebook Shops. What is it?  Facebook Shops is an immersive full-screen storefront that enables businesses to build brand stories and drive product discovery – all in a native, customisable shopping experience. To simply put it, Facebook Shops is a tool on your Facebook and Instagram business profile that lets you […]

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Mabo are a Facebook Preferred Partner: 👍Like

Mabo has always focussed on its core values to deliver its award-winning service. Values like full transparency, accountability, no minimum time contract terms, and you can expect that same level of care in our Social Media Service.  Started in April of last year we have taken the time to slowly roll out the service ensuring that each client gets the level of attention and care that they need to ensure […]

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Why You Need Both Organic & Paid Social Media

Utilising Social Media to drive business results can be overwhelming and tricky. Unfortunately social won’t allow for a lackadaisical approach. If you are to reach your valued customers on this platform the best approach is a carefully thought out comprehensive strategy that really engages the customer on their level.  Simply running ads will only ever be one side of the story. Our team often sees accounts where ads are being […]

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