Changes To Google Seller Ratings Eligibility Requirements

Advertisers must now have 100 reviews per country to be eligible for Seller Rating.

Changes To Google Seller Ratings Eligibility Requirements

In September this year, Google began informing advertisers that Seller Ratings would soon be counted and displayed at country level by the start of October.

As you are probably aware, Seller Ratings are the little stars that are shown next to ads on the Google Search Network. Advertisers can easily set these up by adding the automated Ad Extension. Google determines the number of stars that are displayed from Google Customer Reviews, Google Consumer Surveys and other review sites and sources.

This new update now means that Google is adopting a more localised approach in which searchers are only shown ratings that are from users in their country, rather than globally. In addition to this, there’s a new dropdown menu that allows users to change the country setting.

Now, for businesses reviews to be displayed in certain regions, they must have 100 reviews per that region. Before this, businesses only had to have a total of 150 reviews worldwide and an average score of 3.5 for ratings to display.

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