The Mabo Google Comparison Shopping Service For Agencies

Help improve your clients Google Shopping performance by joining the Mabo CSS Partner Programme.

We fully understand how difficult it is to become a fully affiliated CSS partner with Google, but that doesn’t mean you or your clients should have to miss out.

We are one of only 100 UK registered Comparison Shopping Service partners with Google and we offer our service to both retailers and agencies alike.

Who We Work With

Ever since the launch of our Comparison Shopping Service, our clients have been able to become 20% more competitive through Google Shopping by taking advantage of the discount they get on their CPC.

We will do all the necessary setups and integration from our end.
You will then start to see your shopping buds become more competitive.

  More Traffic
  More Sales
  More profitable Google Shopping

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See how your agency can help make your clients 20% more competitive through Google Shopping.