Dominate Google Ads This Black Friday

In 2017, UK consumers spent a whopping £1.39bn during Black Friday. We have put together our guide on how you can dominate Google Ads during the biggest eCommerce retail day of the year, Black Friday.

It’s nearly upon us; the madness that is Black Friday and Cyber Monday. What used to be a solitary day of discounts now involves weeks of planning and seemingly every online retailer now offering sales. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving in the U.S, whereby stores would slash prices on items to entice customers in, and in recent years it’s coincided with payday for most people, although not this year. If there’s an opportunity for retailers to make extra cash at this time of year, they’ll try and find a way, and likewise with the consumer; always looking for a bargain. Don’t get caught out and just run offers for the individual days of Black Friday or Cyber Monday, as it’s worth having offers in the run-up to the actual Friday, as well as on the day itself, as we can see below:


Here are my six tips for dominating your marketplace this Black Friday on Google Ads:

  1. Last Black Friday

Let’s start with last year, as weird as that might sound. I’d strongly advise going back through last years plan, budget and performance and seeing if there’s anything that could’ve been done better. Review last Black Friday’s data and this might give you an idea of a few things:

Don’t just look at that data, though; analyse and act on it. Once you’ve checked out 2017’s data, you can start thinking about this year.

2. A Healthy Merchant Center

You wouldn’t have spillages and broken products on display in your shop front, would you? Need I say more? Well for those who haven’t clicked on yet, you need to make sure your shopping feed is in good health; that means less than 5% of items being disapproved (the less the better – aim for no disapproved products), and if you have got items that are disapproved, go to the diagnostics tab and see what the errors are. Maybe you’ve got 30 items that are missing a GTIN, 6 without a brand and 3 with a watermark on the image; get these cleaned up so you can advertise them and not miss out on potential sales from these items.

3. Update Your Ads

As obvious as it’s going to sound, shout about any offers you’ve got running during this period to get your message in front of people and get ahead of your competition. Whether you do this in one of the three headlines or one of your two description lines, it’s essential to tell users why they should click your ad as opposed to those of your competitors.

Two other areas worth considering when shouting about your great offers and discounts are promotion extensions and your callout ad extensions; both are a great way of potentially increasing CTR and your likelihood to make click your ad over anyone else’s.

4. Be Prepared To Spend More

When you looked back at last years data, you probably noticed a spike in both traffic and therefore spend through Google Ads. With this in mind, you’re going to want to use those figures as a benchmark, and then also be prepared to spend a little bit more than that.

5. And A Vowel, Please, Carol

Okay so maybe not that kind of countdown, but Google Ads’ ad countdown feature is really cool for sales and offers, no matter what time of year. That said, why not make the most of it during Black Friday and create a bit of urgency for consumers. Let’s face it, if you know that you’ve only got 4 hours left to get 20% off, you’re not going to want to miss out, are you? Utilising this feature is a brilliant way to engage with people who might need that gentle reminder that these great offers aren’t gonna stick around forever.

6. Be Proactive

As I mentioned earlier, keeping on top of the search term query report (STQR) to see how people find your ads and essentially spend your ad budget is key to keeping wasteful traffic to a minimum. This year, actively monitor your STQR for anything irrelevant and exclude that traffic, and, wait for it, monitor for traffic you might not actively be bidding on. What do I mean by this? Well, there could well be an influx of search terms that you’re getting impressions and clicks for, but that you could be bidding on properly, with their own bid and designated ad text; keeping an eye on this will allow for some ad-hoc expansion and a potential increase in relevant traffic and CTR this Black Friday.

One other thing worth bearing in mind from a more general perspective is ‘Is everything on my site working and are there any broken links or 404s?’ – the last thing you want to be doing is sending users to broken pages.


Make sure all your mobile pages are up to scratch too, not only have your ads got to be appealing to potential customers, but your site needs to be a pleasant and functional navigational experience, with users being able to access the products they want and checkout with ease, no matter what device they’re using.

Keep your Merchant Center nice and healthy, ensure your ads are relevant to your offers and have enough daily budget set aside to see you through any crazy spells and make sure you keep an eye on traffic as best as you can, and you’re well on your way to dominating Google Ads this Black Friday.

This is one of your biggest sales days of the year. Nothing can be left to chance here. The Mabo team are on hand to help you achieve your Black Friday goals. For more information on how our award-winning team can help, please complete the form below and a member of our team will be in touch.

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