Extended Text Ads (ETA’s) are here, Google’s deadline has changed – What & Why


By now you are probably fully aware Extended Text Ads (ETA’s) exist & how to change the ‘old’ style text ads over to this new format – if you don’t, here’s a blog on how to implement them. The original deadline (October 26th 2016) has been thrown in the bin in favour of a new deadline – January 31st 2017. Let’s have a look at what the deadline actually is & why it has changed…


Firstly, what even is this deadline?

This deadline is the date that Google will cease to accept the ‘old’ style text ads. These ‘old’ style ads will continue to run as normal but you will not be able to edit them or create new ones post Jan 31st. By this date it will be very good practice to be at least running ETA’s in ab tests to ensure you are keeping up with competition (who you must assume will be testing ETA’s also to gain that edge in the SERPs).

OK, great so why has the deadline been pushed back?

Not entirely sure, it could be due to slower than anticipated adoption BUT Google announced the new deadline along with a list of best practices for testing expanded text ads. This list from Google can be found here.

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