Facebook Adds New Page Follow Settings to Control Which Updates You See.

You have to give it to Facebook, they are on top of their updates and features on a regular basis. Even quicker than Karen from down the road posting about that missing cat from across the pond. What is Facebook’s new feature this week I hear you ask?

Facebook is looking to give users more control over the specific posts and updates they see from each page which they choose to follow. Some users will even have the option to view the advanced pages. The image below shows how Facebook now provides a range of specific following options for a Page.

Wondering how this will benefit you? Well with this new update, you can still choose to follow any page you like. However, you can also opt to only get alerts about posts you are interested in, any new offers posted for example. Although Facebook isn’t stopping there, with this in mind they are also further diluting the actual page like count. Like counts will be removed entirely and replaced with a total followers count instead. See an example in the image below.

By doing this, an individual who is a follower will see at least most of the page in question posts. But if users can further narrow that down to specific elements, it also might not be a great indicator of actual page reach.

How would this affect you as a business though? Well, firstly It might make you want to reevaluate your Facebook strategies to make sure your users can choose to get your updates. You may also want to consider posting more offers to reach those who have set this as an alert. Last but not least, you could let your followers know about the new settings they can use, which could help them get more relevant updates from your page. Increasing engagement with your updates and improve reach, etc.

Wow, our friends over at Facebook really have been busy bees this week, haven’t they? If you want to read the full post, please click HERE. 

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