Facebook Ads Policy Change.

WOW, WOW, WOW. Big news from Facebook has landed! Facebook is removing its restrictions on ads which include more than 20% text in the main image. Previously, any ad that included more than 20% text, often did not get published, which would, in turn, mean a low reach – basically a waste of the advertisers time.

When Mabo’s social team heard this news, they were very excited that they would no longer have limitations on images, that needed more text. Say, for example when a sale was being announced.  Mabo’s social team weren’t the only ones excited as social media expert Matt Navarra, shared the news across his own social platform.









As the news hit, Facebook began the process of updating its documentation, and within the Facebook Help Page, the below is shown. Allowing advertisers to be aware that they will no longer be penalised for using higher amounts of image text. Facebook’s feature of ‘Text Overlay’ which was used to check if your ad aligns with the 20% restriction has also been removed.

Although why did Facebook even have this limit in the first place?
Facebook have always maintained that ad images which include less than 20% text, perform better. Facebook has always recommended advertisers, “keep your text short, clear and concise in order to get your message across effectively”. It’s a well-known fact that Facebook users dislike ads with too much text in the main image, so the restrictions were in place to improve the general user experience. 

With this new update, removing restriction means advertisers will have to be careful to not flood their audience with too much information, and take away from the quality of the platform & image itself. You don’t want your audience to feel like they are viewing a poster on an advertising forum. You want them to feel like they are viewing a photo on a social platform.

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