Facebook Attribution Model.

Facebook has been non-stop with their changes at the moment, and today is no different. Facebook has announced that it’s removing its 28-day attribution window option for Facebook ads, which will mean that advertisers will no longer be able to track direct actions based on their campaigns over a longer period.

Facebook’s attribution model allowed advertisers to measure particular responses to their selected campaigns, based on rules they had chosen themselves.

Facebook provided the example of, “if you were to select ‘purchase’ as your conversion, and apply this default attribution model and attribution window, your reporting will reflect purchases that can be attributed by Facebook to the last ad click that happened within 28 days prior to purchase or the last ad impression that occurred within 1 day of purchase, whichever happened last.”

Many advertisers use the provided information to check the impact their ads have had and with this being limited there will definitely be many mixed reviews. Facebook has been contacting advertisers directly to inform them of the change, explaining that the reasoning was due to changes within data tracking policies. However, even though Facebook will no longer be able to offer a 28-day window, they will offer a 7-day overview of direct response performance.

This change will come in to play from October 12th, so keep your eyes peeled. Click HERE to read the full article. At Mabo, we have a fabulous social team who would be more than happy to help you with your Facebook Ads. Interested? Contact our team NOW.