Facebook Blueprint Certification.

A huge accomplishment for Mabo’s Senior Social Account Manager happened this week. Our very own Holly shea became Facebook Blueprint Certified.  Facebook Blueprint Certification recognises advanced-level proficiency with Facebook’s family of apps and services. Therefore gaining one of these, is an amazing accomplishment. 

We caught up with Holly herself to find out what she had to say:

Social media advertising is an ever-changing landscape which can be a challenge for even a dedicated team to stay on top of. Rules, regulations, optimisations, ad types, placements and creative options are all things that are subject to constant change. Not to mention the platform’s user experience its self, attribution model changes and the war between Apple and Facebook over iOS 14. 

Becoming Blueprint-certified shows that you have a complete understanding of Facebook advertising, from building a strategy to implementing it and analysing the results. 

It’s not an easy achievement, with the exam lasting two hours and questions delivering a grilling in many areas including budget setting, result forecasting, optimisation, ad auctions, app marketing, tracking and conversion, measurements and reporting. 

The proctored exam requires you to sit in complete silence having verified yourself with passport photos and system checks. A representative from Facebook keeps a careful eye on you and makes sure that there are no intrusions as well as no use of outside tools, paper, food or even drinks. Chewing gum is also banned. Don’t ask me why but it was a very long two hours. Afterwards, the results were released straight away and to my shock and relief, I had passed on the first attempt.”

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