Facebook Features.

Facebook is one of the biggest social platforms to date, with a user count of 1.69 billion. WOW! Recently, Coming Out Day 2020 took place, which celebrates the LGBTQ community, and acceptance of gender and identity. Facebook decided to give a large-scale platform to particular concerns, in order to help reduce some of the stigma, and make others feel more comfortable in their own efforts to come out.

A range of new features and presentations were created to enable people to learn more and participate via their Facebook and Instagram presence.

New guides were added on Instagram to assist people who may be looking to come out to family and friends. See below. Facebook stated, “We partnered with PFLAG, It Gets Better Project and The Tegan and Sara Foundation to create new Instagram Guides offering tips on topics such as safety and support for those going through their coming out journey, as well as for their friends and family.”

Facebook also added a new, animated Coming Out Day Facebook Logo, when a user taps this, they will be linked through to a feed of content using the #ComingOut2020 hashtag.

Personal stories will also be showcased. However, potentially, the most popular update will be Facebook Watch’s new show,  hosted by Demi Lovato and Tan France, which will provide a platform for people to share their coming out journeys, and offer messages of support and guidance.

We spoke to Mabo’s Social Account Manager, Chloe Moloney to find out what she had to say:


Many of our clients focus on ethical standards within their brand’s ethos – whether that be giving back to charity or supporting global warming, and so utilising social media platforms to help spread awareness and be a safe space for support for their followers will be something they will definitely recognise the importance of”


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