Facebook Language Change.

Facebook has announced a new advance in its automatic translation tools which will improve communications between users around the world. To those businesses who target different countries and want to make their advertising more global-friendly, this is definitely one to watch!

This new advancement is based on Facebook’s ‘M2M-100’ multilingual machine translation (MMT) model. The model itself is able to translate between any pair of 100 languages without relying on English data. By cutting out the initial step of first translating into English, not only does this save time, but also, Facebook’s new system is able to maintain the original meaning of the text, which will help to maximise communication between Facebook users. Check out the example below.


Not only will this benefit businesses by maximising opportunities, but they will also be able to branch into foreign markets without worrying about ineffective communication. Facebook is looking towards a future where any business, anywhere, would be able to sell to anybody, across the world, and who can blame them?

We caught up with Mabo’s Social Account Manager Chloe Moloney, to see what she had to say on the topic:

 “With this update, Facebook is strengthening its automatic translation tool. This advanced update simply has a more precise way of translating many different languages, and it is also introducing translation to languages that are not used as much globally. The new AI system allows the software to translate with a 90% accuracy rate. More importantly, the updated translation tool has increased its accuracy when translating subtitles on video content. Business’ who advertise to various countries through Facebook now have more trust that the content that they publish will have a more correct translation.”

To read more on this brand new feature, click HERE. 

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