Facebook Provides Free Education on Facebook Pixel, Video Ads & More!

Sooo, if you read ‘Facebook’s Publishes New Christmas Marketing Guide For 2020you will be aware Facebook graced us with some amazing content for CHRISTMAS! However, this week, they have provided us with a ‘Summer of Support’ business training & insight session. Talk about playing with the seasons eh? 

I did think about how I could get through this article without mentioning the ‘C-word’ … however, I failed. So, let me ask you this, are you a business looking to expand your digital presence in light of coronavirus shutdowns? Yes, I hear you say .. We can’t blame you, who isn’t?!! Therefore the Summer Of Support guide is particularly useful as it provides valuable sessions on Facebook’s evolving eCommerce options, how to utilise the Facebook Pixel for data tracking & how to create better video adverts. This information is key to keeping your revenue flowing, despite the restrictions. 

Now, I know some of you are reading this & thinking, “I am already a seasoned pro at social media so why bother?” Well, It’s not every day you get expert insight that can add to your understanding! So why not? Does that have you interested? Carry on reading …. 

A range of sessions offered within the ‘Summer Of Support’ Guide include:

Moving Forward – Join Marcus Lemonis, Host of the hit TV show “The Profit,” in a discussion on how to use resources you already have in place to boldly re-enter the post-COVID-19 world and thrive.

Purchasing Power to the MassesGet a glimpse into how new commerce tools are delivering more purchasing power to customers while providing businesses new ways to build lasting customer relationships.

Build Your Audience Using Facebook PixelThe Facebook pixel lets you measure, optimize and build advertising audiences that visit your website from Facebook, Instagram & more. Learn how to set up and utilize the Facebook pixel on your business website. ​Particularly beneficial to businesses not familiar with data tracking and building audience profiles. 

To read Facebook’s full post, please see HERE. We have a brilliant social team here at Mabo, that would be more than happy to assist you with your social platforms. Does that sound like something you would be interested in? Contact our team NOW.