Facebook Provides Tips on How to Optimise Your Facebook Live Broadcasts.

This morning when I was writing this piece of content, I couldn’t help but think about how Facebook are always on top of their game in regards to updates.  This week is no different and a video series has been launched. 

What is a video series I hear you ask?
A video series is internal experts showcasing interviews on topics. Allowing all users to get the most out of the various functions the platform has to offer.  

What was included within this Video Series: 
The first video in the series focused on ‘Facebook Live’. Providing tips on how to maximize your Facebook broadcasts and generate optimal reach. You have to admit, Facebook is always making sure their users are at the frontline of their updates. 

Keynotes taken from the video series: 

When discussing how to create the highest quality of Facebook Live videos the top 5 tips were provided:

Right, you now know how to set up a Facebook live broadcast but are unsure how to actually get people to watch?
Facebook have you covered on this also (god, aren’t they good?) and have provided us with their top three tips. 

Preview Posts:
The first top tip to raise awareness is through preview posts. By scheduling an announcement post in Live Producer, a Facebook preview post will then be created that interested viewers can choose to get a reminder from. See the image below:

The second tip is Crossposting:
Crossposting allows users to post simultaneously on multiple pages at the one time. Looking like a native video to that page, the viewership and statistics are all aggregated on that one video asset. Crossposting could be done on another Facebook page of a guest for example. If like me. you are a TOWIE fan, think about Bobby Norris doing his podcasts with celebrities across the world. 

The last point to raise awareness is through maximising engagement:
Facebook prioritises content that drives conversations and interactions. From experience, many businesses will be aware that encouraging engagement will lead to more shares from viewers, but it will also send positive signals to the live video. Which in turn should generate a larger audience.

The rise of Facebook Live Videos have been on the increase during Covid-19 which is why it is important to make sure as a business these are hosted to the highest degree with the highest engagement. Since January alone there has been a 50% increase. So if that doesn’t make you want to jump on the live video wagon I don’t know what will!! 

Read Facebook’s article on this NOW. Is Facebook something you are interested in for your company but unaware of how to move forward with this? Contact our social team NOW.