Facebook Publishes New Christmas Marketing Guide For 2020!

Am I really about to speak about Christmas? YES! Yes I am!! Although, I know this won’t fall on closed ears as a recent study from Pinterest showed people are looking forward to the holidays a little more this year & hoping for a coronavirus-free celebration. We can hope eh? 

As the COVID-19 situation drags on, December feels like our ‘light at the end of the tunnel. & with that in mind, many companies have started to plan their festive marketing campaigns to ensure they have everything in place to maximise their opportunities!! I am thinking Christmas baubles, snow, presents … the lot!!! Exciting times!! 

Our lovely friends over at Facebook launched a 2020 research & planning hub, especially for, yes I’m saying it again, CHRISTMAS!! This includes a range of resources to help marketers (particular e-commerce) to plan their holiday campaigns. Many companies are looking for a big boost this year & therefore it is important for them to map out their optimal holiday marketing plan. (think back to when Buddy The Elf worked in Gimbels department store). 

The first piece of advice Facebook provided was an ‘interactive data insights dashboard’. This entails, Information gathered from the last three years, showing us the key season trends relating to the discovery, research & purchase phases of consumers within different markets. Particularly useful, if say, for example, more people are shopping via mobile, companies may want to put more focus on ecommerce & related shopping options.

Being very generous, Facebook also published a 26-page holiday campaign planning guide. Among the various tips is a seven-month calendar, highlighting all the key points of note in your planning & checklists for your campaigns. Specific calendars for November & December to highlight all the key dates & a helpful overview of Facebook ads options & where they likely fit within the holiday promotions process. I mean, could you get any better?? They are definitely on our Christmas card list this year!!!

The full human impacts of COVID-19 are still evolving, and it’s difficult to see beyond the current situation, and on to a time when we are free to celebrate. But it doesn’t mean we can’t plan for it right? We all want to achieve bigger goals as part of the 2020 holiday period & Facebook’s ‘go-to’ guide is definitely something to go by.  

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