Facebook Tips.

Back in August, I wrote a post on how Facebook has been sharing a weekly series of insights, into its various video tools, via interviews with the Facebook staff working on them. If you missed that, you can check it out HERE.

The insights have not stopped, and this week Facebook provided tips on utilising video playlists and series collections to give YOU, a valuable perspective and insight into both functions.  Also allowing you, to know how each option can help video creators maximise exposure and viewership in different ways.

Now, before I carry on I want you to be fully aware of what both playlists & series are:

For example, if you’re content is episodes in a set, then it’s a series, but if you’re doing tutorials and thematic content that doesn’t necessarily fit into a traditional TV series format, but can be grouped together, then Playlist is a better option.

We now know the definition, but why are these important?
Viewers will be able to guide through your series and sets in sequential order, meaning it is user friendly. Grouping content together can also increase engagement by keeping people interested. By organising content into themes and topics, you increase your chances of being found in related searches. Playlists and Series each have a unique URL, which can help you drive more viewership for collections by directing the audience to your video collections.

Playlists and series are built within creator studio, see below:

Creators can also add videos to an existing playlist or series at the upload stage within Facebook, which also applies to bulk uploads. These features play a key role in maximising engagement and therefore are definitely something to consider within your marketing strategy.

Check out this full article HERE. 

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