Your Google Shopping Feed Optimisation Service from Mabo

Maximise Your Google Shopping R.O.I. With Our Google Shopping Feed Optimisation Service

As a leading PPC Management Agency, we know how much a poorly optimised and managed shopping feed can impact a business. It is because of this, we have now launched our Google Shopping Feed Optimisation service.

What is Shopping Feed Optimisation and why do you need it?

Shopping feed optimisation helps you improve the data and relevance of your Google Shopping feed, improving performance and ultimately, sales.

Our shopping feed experts at Mabo are on hand to work with your existing Google Shopping feed to help improve your feeds relevancy, the click-throughs to your shopping ads and ultimately the number of sales you make. Shopping feed optimisation helps you unlock further opportunities that PPC Management simply can not.

How do you know if your Google Shopping Feed needs optimising?

Well, you don’t is the honest answer. That is why we strongly advise that you take advantage of our FREE Shopping Feed Audit. This report will detail to you what improvements can be made to your existing Google Shopping Feed and help improve your Google Ads sales.

From here, our team will be able to suggest what you need to do to unlock that untapped potential within your Google Shopping feed.

What if you don’t have an existing Google Shopping Feed?

Don’t worry! We can create a Google Shopping Feed for you. This will be a fully optimised Google Shopping Feed created with your website and its sales objectives in mind.

What To Do Next

If you want to start taking control of your Google Shopping Feed data, then simply complete the form below and a member of our team will be in touch. Alternatively, give a member of our team a call on 01287 244080.