Five Things We Love About AdWords Editor 12.2

Google recently updated AdWords Editor and with it introduced us to some epic new features.

For those who aren’t totally familiar with AdWords Editor, it’s the software package from Google that allows you to bulk edit, mass create, upload changes across all campaigns and work offline whilst making changes to your account(s).

Despite the update being available for some time now, we thought we’d share our favourite new features that help with productivity and efficiency.

Creating Labels in Editor

Labels are great. They allow you to label up ads, ad groups, campaigns and can make tweaking masses of ads pain-free and extremely fast. So while this new feature may sound incredibly simple, and even though this functionality has been available in Editor for some time now, it was always hidden in the Data menu, which in turn meant you had to go to ‘Add new…’ and then find ‘Add a new label’ in the labyrinth of billions of options. Okay so maybe it wasn’t billions, but when you weren’t familiar with where the option was, it sure felt like that.

AdWords label editor

In the latest version of Editor however, there’s a really easy way to add a new label to your ad. Let’s say a client was running a sale and you wanted to create a whole load of new ads just for that sale, but with the intention of putting the pre-sale ads back live once the sale had ended. You would use Editor to create the various ads, and then in the Expanded text ads section that you’d most likely be in – because you’re creating those new sale ads, remember? – you can just click ‘Labels’ and there you have it, the option to create a new one. You could then label up which ads were for the sale and which ones needed to be put back live once the sale was finished. So easy, so useful, so simple.

Promotion Extensions

You can now add promotion extensions in Editor which means reaching out to potential customers so they can spot your latest great deals just got a whole lot easier. Promotion extensions allow advertisers to show special offers that they’re currently running. You can create the extensions and add a promotion extension to a campaign or ad group, or even edit them all in Editor. For more info on this cool little new feature, click here.

promotion extensions

Life Events

OMG you just got engaged! (Seriously, if you did, congrats). But all of a sudden you start planning your wedding; you search for locations for the ceremony and reception, cakes, wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, the lot – you go wedding crazy on Google and its search partners. Well, a few months ago Google rolled out life events audience targeting in AdWords which allows advertisers to reach users based on their purchase and website behaviour. So whilst life events like getting married, moving house and graduating aren’t every day occurrences and therefore will only reach a potentially small audience when compared to affinities, a life event might lead to more specific purchases and searches and as a result can be a really cool and useful tool. And now life events is a category of audience targeting available in the Editor 12.2, which we think is rather good! For the full lowdown, visit this page.

Ad Group Level Ad Rotation

Okay so this one is really basic and so even though there’s not masses to write about, it gets a mention because of how useful it is. Ad group level ad rotation is, when you think of it, something that probably should’ve been included in previous versions of AdWords Editor, but it wasn’t, so let’s celebrate that it now is! What this means is that ad groups can now be set so that ads rotate – it’s the little things that make your life that bit easier that make the world go round.

Custom Rules Updated

Last but certainly not least, new built-in custom rules are up for grabs for structured snippet extensions and non-serving campaigns and ad groups. What this means is that custom rules will let you know when you’ve violated Google’s policies and best practices, wait for it, before you post! Gone are the days of finding out that something’s been disapproved after uploading hundreds of ad groups in Editor! Again, this feature might not be brand new, however the fact that these rules are now available for structured snippets is great; it’s one more step towards best practice and less disapprovals in your account(s). For the full list of custom rules, check out this super-helpful document by the guys at Google.


As you may well know, Google AdWords is an ever changing platform. With that in mind, it makes perfect sense to have a specialist managing this advertising channel for you. For more information on Mabo and our specialist PPC management service, please complete the form below. 

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