Five Things We Love About Google Ads Editor 1.0

Whenever anything new is introduced, there’s always opposition.

“I don’t like change”, followed by “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it” is usually the way new product launches go; you only have to look at the reaction the new Google Ads interface received when it was phased in to see that new products aren’t always loved and accepted in the way the developers would like! (I was one of those who gave it some abuse in the early stages, not gonna lie).

Anyhow, that aside, Google Ads Editor (previously AdWords Editor) is an awesome tool for achieving a lot in a short space of time, working offline and making masses of changes in a very productive way.

Since the latest version has recently launched, Here are my top five features from the new update:

Ad strength indicator

When reviewing your responsive search ads in Google Ads Editor, you’ll now see an ‘Ad strength’ column, which assigns each of your ads a quality rating. Hover over an ad’s rating to get suggestions for how to improve the quality of that ad.


Multiple account support

Select and open multiple accounts in a single window, and make edits across them. A really useful addition if you’re working on and applying changes to accounts within a sub-MCC.


Custom rules updates

This version of Google Ads Editor includes five new custom rules which can alert you to the following:

  • If there are no responsive search ads in a Search Network campaign’s ad group. Google are constantly pushing automation and RSAs fall under that creative-automated grey area. Don’t be surprised if ETAs are phased out in the next two years or so, with RSAs being used by Google are a way to test multiple messages, and use AI to show the user the more appropriate ads for their 
  • If a video campaign (provided it isn’t a TrueView for action campaign) isn’t targeting Google video partners. Not targeting these partners will reduce the number of people who will potentially see your video
  • If a video discovery ad group is targeting a keyword or topic
  • If TrueView campaigns are only targeting YouTube Search but only has TrueView in-stream video ads
  • If a video campaign has a start and end date, however is using an average daily budget

These custom rules are designed to keep you in control of your advertising and let you focus your attentions elsewhere safe in the knowledge that these rules will keep everything in check. Good move, Google!

Video ads

Video features heavily in the new custom rules mentioned above, and you now have much more functionality and control over your video ads and campaigns in Google Ads Editor 1.0. One example being there’s full support for non-skippable video campaigns, as well as you being able to create bumper ads and add calls-to-actions in TrueView in-stream ads. Elsewhere, Bumper campaigns are now part of the video campaigns mix, using the Manual CPM bid strategy. Video is one area Google are pushing more and more recently; previously it was mobile, mobile, mobile, but now we see a shift in  advertisers being encouraged to delve into video, and these updates in Editor only help with that.

Brand consistency

Everything is now finally all tied in under the Google Ads banner. For those of you like me who were getting anxious about the lack of consistency and continuity from flicking between using Google Ads and Google AdWords Editor, worry no longer!


So that’s what I think
– there’s lots of new features and cool stuff embedded within the new Google Ads Editor 1.0, and I’m sure you’ll have the pleasure of finding your own five favourite new features when you’re scoping it out for yourself. Equally, there are still some glitches and slightly annoying features; again I’m sure you’ll find some of these for yourselves, too.

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