How To Get The Most Out of The New Google Ads Interface

 Everything has changed with the new Google Ads interface!

Okay, so maybe it hasn’t, but there’s a new kid on the block where advertising with Google is concerned and that new kid is the new user interface (NUI).

As a Google Premier Partner we’ve had BETA access to the new Google Ads experience for over a year now, and we’re not going to pretend that it was plain sailing the whole time, ‘cos it wasn’t. Like any BETA, there was bugs, issues, and glitches, but we’re now at a point in the lifetime of this new interface where things are pretty much there in terms of what you can do and how epically fast it is! So here are my top tips for getting the most out of the rebranded and updated advertising platform that is Google Ads.

Overview Tab
Whilst in the previous, or as we’ll refer to it as from now on, ‘old’ AdWords interface, there was always the Home tab, the new Overview tab within the (NUI) is far supreme, and here’s why; it’s actually useful! You can now see where there have been shifts in traffic where devices are concerned, what search terms and words your ads have shown for, big changes in spending at campaign level, your most shown ads, search auction insights, device performance and hour of day/day of week performance – all in one tab. Whilst you can’t manage your account from this Overview section, it’s certainly very useful and super helpful for gauging where things are at. Take that, old interface! (What’s really cool about this is you can view the Overview tab at account, campaign type, campaign and ad group level!)

New Google Ads Interface Overview

Recommendations Tab
Again, like the old interface, this is just an updated version of something that previously existed, but it’s seriously useful and should not be overlooked. There’s something really new which is an account score out of 100, which is still in BETA, but is really cool. Google say “Your Optimisation score is an estimate of how well your account is set to perform”, and applying the recommendations in the Recommendations tab is one way of improving your account score. The really great thing about this is Google are being transparent with the advertiser and letting them know where improvements can be made, something that wasn’t always the case, or was easily accessible in the old interface. Recommendations include bid strategy suggestions, missing ad extensions, tips for improving your mobile site, missing audiences within ad groups, non-serving keywords and much more. Like the Overview tab, these recommendations can be accessed at multiple levels of your Google Ads account. Well played, Google, well played; you’ve provided potential quick wins where optimisation is concerned for advertisers.

google ads recommendations tab

Everyone likes being more efficient, and Google’s new shortcut feature certainly helps towards that. By simply pressing ‘G’ followed by ‘T’ you bring up a ‘Go to’ search tab whereby you can search for a specific section of the account and go straight there. But the shortcut fun doesn’t stop here; you can go straight to specific pages with predefined shortcuts. Check out the options below, which give the advertiser quick access to vital account performance metrics:

New Google Ads Interface Keyboard Shortcuts

This feature was previously called Dimensions in the old interface, but now comes with much more customisation, and these reports can be saved for future reference! For example, you might want a report for month-on-month performance so that you can reflect on spend, CTR, and ROAS over the past 24 months; you can do that in the NUI, but save it for a rainy day (or a time when you need to double check last years cost vs return). Having these reports saved is a quick, easy go-to that can be super useful for client and agency alike.

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We’re not just talking about the notification bell in the top right, we’re talking getting a grasp of any outstanding issues and alerts across all your accounts and being able to save a filtered view. This means I can filter my accounts out by a specific label and go to this saved view to see the various types of alerts that I need to be aware of in my accounts. These could be things like location extensions not running, invalid rules, ad groups without ads, disapproved ads and keyword conflicts. All available to see in one place. Nice. (To get this set up, go to the Accounts tab, and you’ll see Notifications on the right-hand side of the four options).

New Google Ads Interface Account Notifications

Dynamic Ad Targets
This one only applies if you’re utilising Dynamic Search campaigns, which not everyone does so we’ll keep this one short. Essentially you now have the facility to add negative URLs if you’re unhappy with the URL a dynamic search ad has been going to. A small change, but a very useful one.Creating dynamic targets in the new Google Ads interface

Google Hosted Local Conversions
Google have auto-applied conversions within the Conversions section of your Google Ads account, without them being actually included in ‘conversions’. Local conversion actions are counted whenever people complete an action that’s specific to an advertiser’s physical location (like a shop), during or after interacting with an ad for that advertiser. For more info on this latest feature, click here.

In-Market Audiences
In-market audiences are a way to connect with potential customers who are actively researching or comparing products and services within your industry. By far and away one of the best new features, especially given that Google is always adding to the existing list of in-market audiences. Make the most of these, because they’re awesome!

Responsive Text Ads
To create responsive ads, all you need to do is enter some headlines, descriptions and a landing page and Google Ads automatically generates ads using what you’ve provided. It’s that simple. And what’s more, if you use responsive ads you can show up to three headlines instead of two and you can show up to two 90-character descriptions, rather than one 80-character description line. Go Google!

Responsive text ads in the new Google Ads interface

As Google Ads is an ever-changing platform, you need to work with an agency who is at the top of their game, and ahead of the curve when it comes to updates. Mabo are an award-winning, specialist PPC Management agency. As a results-driven agency, it is imperative that our clients stay ahead of their competition where possible. Updates to the Google Ads platform is just one way in which we achieve this.

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