Google Ad Settings Updated Allowing Users To Turn Off Targeting Signals


Google has updated ‘Ad Settings’ to provide users with more options for ad personalisation.

google adwords

Google has updated its Ad Settings features to provide users with more options for ad personalisation. In addition, Google is also extending ‘Why this ad?’ notices to all services that display Google Ads, encompassing the following; YouTube, Gmail, Google Play, Maps, and partner websites and apps.

The changes mean that users can now turn off certain interest signals that Google utilises for targeting ads. These options can be found in the “Personal info and privacy” section of your account Ad settings.

This new feature means users can manage their ad settings, meaning advertisers can now stop Google from personalising their ads using information based. Google explains that this information helps make ads more relevant and useful to advertisers. However, in the new Ad Settings, if advertisers now no longer wish for Google to tailor their ads, they can turn it off.

Turning off ad targeting will apply to Google Ads across all Google services, as well as website and apps that run Google Ads.

In addition, Google is expanding where the ‘Why this ad?’ will show up. Now, all Google services that display Google Ads will display the notice on ads.

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