Google Add ‘People also search for’ Results For Search Ads

Paid ads will now be displayed within the ‘People also search for’ box alongside organic listings.

Google Add People also search for Results For Search Ads

The “People also search for” box is a feature we are all used to seeing within Google’s organic listings. However, more recently marketers have noticed that Google is now displaying this feature within the paid search results.

Google has decided to include suggested queries alongside organic and paid results to save the user from scrolling to the bottom of the page. As users become more aware of this feature, they will be able to quickly perform a refined search to find and purchase faster.

This new feature is both a positive and negative for advertisers; although your ads may now be shown in an additional location, they are going to be placed directly alongside your competitors. In addition, the suggestions arguably could be mistaken for ad extensions that may detract attention from other ads on the page.

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