Google Ads Conversion Reporting Error

Between Monday 11th November and Wednesday 20th November, Google Ads has over-reported conversions.

Google Ads Conversion Reporting Error

As an advertiser, if your Google Ads campaigns appear to have achieved better results than usual since Monday 11th, it may not be the truth. A bug has caused Google Ads Search and Shopping Campaigns to experience a huge issue with reporting conversions that has caused over-reporting for some advertisers.

Google claim that if you’re using smart bidding strategies, then you shouldn’t be impacted, however the issue is said to affect advertisers using any attribution model apart from last click.

All report formats will be incorrect, including any downloaded using the AdWords API, Google Ads API and Google Ads Scripts.

Unfortunately for advertisers, over-reported conversions can cause a few problems. If you’re made to believe your campaigns are performing better than they actually are, your decisions regarding budget and bidding will be entirely misinformed. Our advice is to benchmark your reporting against your most recent performance, then if something has had an unexplainable increase, maybe just double check before you increase your bids.

Google explain they are working on a solution and to correct the conversion data. The search engine appreciate the urgency to get the bug fixed, especially as we are fast approaching the festive shopping season.