Google Ads Introduce New Features For Keyword Planner

This week Google revealed that several new features would be available within Keyword Planner.

Google Ads Introduce New Features For Keyword Planner

1. The first update means advertisers are ow able to ad up to 10 seed keywords when you choose the “Find new keywords” option.

2. In addition, advertisers can now find Grouped Keywords within the “Grouped Ideas” menu, and you can now choose to add all or only some of the keywords in a grouped idea to an existing or a new ad group.

3. Not only are advertisers now able to save new keywords to a plan, but you are now able to save new keywords to existing campaigns. Once you choose which new keywords to add, there’s a drop down option to select “Add to plan” or “Add to existing campaign”. If you do choose to add to an existing campaign, then you will have to select an ad group in that campaign or alternatively create a new ad group to be added to it.

4. The search engine will also provide more monthly search detail. Now, when you hover over the “Average monthly searches” chart for individual keywords, you’ll now see a monthly trends bar chart that provides more detail in terms of monthly breakdown and search volume quantities.

5. There are now also daily budget suggestions, so when you add keywords to your plan, it provides a suggested daily budget. This feature can be found underneath the total cost estimate.

6. A new competition column is available to show advertisers how competitive ad placement is for a certain keyword.

For advertisers, these updates can only be a good thing for advertisers and a freshen up of the Keyword Planner has been a long time coming.