Google Ads Launch Predefined Landing Page Reports

Last week, Google announced that two predefined reports would be launching in the Report Editor.

Google Ads Launch Predefined Landing Page Reports

Google Ads revealed that they are adding two new predefined landing page reports to the Report Editor. The first report is the Landing Pages Report, and the second is an Expanded Landing Pages Report.

These two reports have always been available in the landing pages section of Google Ads. However, by now being fully accessible within the Report Editor, advertisers can now edit and analyse data with ease.

In detail, the Landing Pages Report is an improved version of the final URL report, with the inclusion of additional columns such as;

  • Mobile speed score.
  • Valid AMP click rate.
  • Mobile-friendly click rate.

The Expanded Landing Pages Report is a further expansion of the Landing Pages Report, displaying the URL users reach after the addition of custom parameters and contextual substitutions.

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