Google Ads Set To Manage Campaigns Unless Users Opt Out

Over the course of the following week Google representatives will start to make changes within advertisers accounts if users do not opt out. In a recent statement, the search engine revealed that they will “focus on your campaigns, so you can focus on your business.”.  It’s vitally important that users are aware of this update, as Google will almost definitely be making changes to their campaigns.

During the past 6-12 months, Google has been steadily introducing automation to most aspects of campaign creation and management. This development mirrors some elements of automation in the sense that Google are introducing “Google Ads Experts” to manage advertisers campaigns completely behind the scenes. The Google Experts will identify key changes that will help advertisers get more out of their ads. This will encompass keywords, bids, structure and ads.

Google are not promising that their changes will dramatically improve performance of the account, however they are guaranteeing that advertisers budgets will not increase as a result of these changes.

If you don’t want this service to begin automatically, you must opt-out. It is worth noting that once the service has been initiated, users will still be able to opt-out at anytime.