Google Ads Set To Phase Out Average Position 

Google revealed that in September this year they will be removing one of Google Ads oldest metrics, average position. Average position was designed to indicate to advertisers how their ad typically ranks against other ads.

Google Ads Set To Phase Out Average Position (1)

It has now been replaced by two key metrics that were introduced in November last year. Towards the end of 2018, Google introduced, Impression % (Absolute Top) and Impression % (Top). Google acknowledge that it is vital for advertisers to understand how prominently ads show on the search results page.

So, in November, we rolled out “Impression (Absolute Top) %” and “Impression (Top) %”, which describe what percent of your ads appear at the top of the page and absolute top of the page. These new metrics give you a much clearer view of your prominence on the page than average position does. To complement these metrics, Google also introduced “Search absolute top impression share” and “Search (Top) IS”. This further improved the capabilities available to advertisers with regards to optimising for position.

The introduction of these metrics has removed the need for average position, hence the reasoning behind Google’s decision to sunset the metric in September this year. If you are reliant on average position, the search engine recommend swapping over to their new metrics sooner rather than later.