Google Ads Shift From Smart Pricing To Smart Bidding

Google Ads has shifted away from Smart Pricing to Smart Bidding for partner sites.

Google Ads Switches to Smart Bidding for Search Partner Sites

Any search partner site making use of conversion tracking will now be switched from Smart Pricing to Smart Bidding. This update will impact all sites advertising within the Google Search Network.

Smart Bidding can offer Google advertisers improved performance by making use of a wider range of signals and automatically optimising bids for every ad auction. These signals include features such as the type of webpage in which the ad is displayed and the characteristics of potential customers.

Where Smart Bidding is concerned, some clicks on the search partner sites could cost more or less than an advertisers maximum cost-per-conversion bid on the Search Network. This ensures that Google advertisers are charged a similar cost-per-conversion to the Search Network.

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