Google AdWords New Responsive Search Ads Can Show 3 Headlines


Google introduced a new ad format that dynamically combines an advertiser’s headlines and descriptions.

Google search devices

The new feature allows advertisers to set up one ad with multiple headlines and several descriptions. Google will then start testing different combinations to identify the combination deemed most likely to achieve the advertiser’s stated goal.

The ads can be seen as part of the continuation to let machine learning models do the work of ad creative optimisation. This coincides with Google’s push towards automated ad rotation optimisation, encouraging advertisers away from manual A/B testing.

What are the benefits?

Having several ad options means your ad groups will have the opportunity to compete in more auctions, as there will be more options for the keywords to trigger your ads. The new feature also requires devoting more control to the machines, relieving some pressure from advertisers. If there weren’t enough reasons to try the new ads, Google is giving responsive search ads more character real estate than expanded text ads.

As the new responsive search ads are still in beta in AdWords, they are not available to all advertisers yet. However, given the drive towards automated testing, advertisers can expect this to be available to all in the very near future.


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