Google AdWords replace Opportunities tab with Recommendations Page


In the new AdWords experience, the Opportunities tab has been revamped and labelled as the Recommendations page.

This development means the page now has 16 new recommendations, a faster load time and implements machine learning technology to help you act on insights, save time and boost campaign performance. The aim is to ease the AdWords process for advertisers and to optimise their campaigns and improve performance.  

Google AdWords Recommendations tab

What does the update mean?

The new recommendations page is entirely dedicated to helping advertisers improve the performance of their campaigns. This entire section can highlight new, relevant features designed to help maximise budgets by improving keywords, bids and adverts. Ultimately, the developments have allowed advertisers to increase the overall efficiency and effectiveness of their campaigns.

What does it include?

The new page displays a clearer and actionable interface that, in turn, allows Google to display more information than ever before. The focus is directed towards four key categories:

  • Repairs
  • Keywords & Targeting
  • Bids & Budgets
  • Ads & Extensions

Google has also revealed there will soon be the addition of a new Account Performance Score. This feature is designed to be a meaningful indicator of the best ways advertisers can improve their ads. The interface is said to be extremely actionable and connects directly to the recommendations that get surfaced.

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