Google Announce 3 New Features For Responsive Display Ads

Google Announce 3 New Features For Responsive Display Ads

The search engine has released three new features designed specifically to improve functionality and reporting capabilities for responsive display ads in particular.

1- Combinations Report

The “Combinations Report” is a new feature launched within Google Ads and has been designed to give advertisers insight into the overall performance of creative asset combinations. The report is split into different sections determined by combinations based on images, videos and text, etc. From here, the report displays the top performing asset combinations from your responsive display ads. To view your own combinations report, head to Google Ads, select “View Ad Details”, then click the “Combinations” tab.

 Combinations Report

2 – Video Assets

Google has made the decision to include video assets within responsive display ads. Here, advertisers are now able to include up to five videos from their YouTube account to be shown within a responsive display ad. This feature not only increases the functionality of the ad, but delivers an expanded reach to new inventory.

3 – Ad Strength Scorecard

To assess how effective your responsive display ads are before they go live, Google has introduced an ad strength scorecard. This measurement will analyse your ad to check the optimal number of unique headlines, images and descriptions. Based on this, if the search engine decides your ad is not as good as it could be, they have provided ‘further recommendations’ by clicking through the “Next Steps” shown within the scorecard.