Google Announced New Shopping Features At SMX Advanced

At SMX Advanced, Google revealed new features for retail advertisers including a new local inventory ad unit and product pricing benchmarks.

google shopping

During a keynote discussion at SMX Advanced last Thursday, Google announced several new advertising features for retailers and brand manufacturers. The features include; local selling, price comparisons and an update for Google Shopping Actions.

Local Selling

Google has introduced affiliate location extensions in Search and Display campaigns, meaning ad extensions can now appear in TrueView in-stream and ads on YouTube. When a user clicks on this affiliate location extensions, it brings up a Maps page of the local locations in which the product is sold.

In addition, a new local catalog ad unit for the Google Display Network will be available to retail advertisers with physical locations available by the end of June.

Price Comparisons

Advertisers running Google Shopping campaigns will be able to compare product prices against those of competitors. This data also informs advertisers of performance changes caused as a result of competitor price changes. As a result of this update, advertisers can use the comparative data to inform bidding strategies.

Google Shopping Actions Updates

Google has revealed updates regarding Google Shopping Actions, the new commerce programme that was launched earlier this year in March. More than 70 retailers are taking advantage of this programme and thousands have submitted an interest form.

Early results indicate that retailers on average have seen an increase in clicks and conversions and a reduction on cost per click, compared to running shopping ads alone.

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