Google Expands Local Campaigns Inventory

Over the next few weeks, Google will be introducing several new features for local campaigns.

Google Expands Local Campaigns Inventory

Despite the overwhelming proportion of consumers shopping online, many purchases still take place in physical stores offline. It’s for this reason Google has focused on improving the advertising capabilities for brick-and-mortar retailers. Here’s the updates we can expect to see over the next few weeks…

Local Business Goals 

In the early stages, local campaigns were initially designed to encourage footfall to stores, meaning store visits were the only conversion type to optimise against. In the latest update, local campaigns are now able to support other goals including asking for directions and phone calls.

Product Catalogs On Display Network

Advertisers are now able to upload a local product feed to the Google display Network and share a select few set of products to be featured within ads. These ads would then show the store’s opening hours, specific products in stock, alongside a banner image.

Promoted Pins in Maps 

Advertisers will now be able to have their locations shown when a potential customer is using Google Maps. The little location pins that usually pop up for specific destinations will now also be shown as ‘promoted pins’. Here advertisers can pay to have their store located on the map, and users are able to tab the pin to display the full promoted listing and even click “add stop” to add it into their route.

Store Visits Bidding 

Google has now enabled advertisers to use the store visits conversion metric as a smart bidding optimisation setting in both Search and Shopping campaigns. This means advertisers are now able to optimise their campaigns for actual footfall.

Store Pick Up Details 

Within Shopping Campaigns, advertisers have been able to run Local Inventory Ads with the Buy Online Pick Up In-store feature for a some time now. However, these ads are getting even more granular with a “Pick Up Today” and “Pick Up Later” option.