Google Extend Same-Meaning Close Variants

In Google’s latest update, they announced that they would be relaxing the rules on close variants. Now, the search engine has extended same-meaning close variants to both phrase match and broad match modifier. Google has also decided to alter its keyword selection preferences in order to prevent particular keywords from competing against each other.

As a result of the recent evolution of machine learning, our search engines are now able to fill in gaps between queries and search terms. In a recent statement, Google explained that 15% of its daily searches are new, meaning advertisers like you could potentially miss out on these new queries if the matching settings are too strict. To combat this, Google’s machine learning systems can predict intent and save advertisers the hassle of having to devise exhaustive keyword lists to hit relevant queries.

So, what’s changed?

Phrase match and broad match modifier will match to queries that mean the same thing. You will also see keyword selection preferences within your account changing.

For example:

It’s worth noting that word order will be respected, but they can show on same-meaning queries, for example: