Google extends in-market audience targeting to Search campaigns

Extending in-market audience targeting to Search campaigns allows advertisers to target users based on purchase intent signals.

Google extends in-market audience targeting to Search campaigns

On Tuesday, Google announced that in-market audiences will be coming to Search campaigns. Currently, this feature is only available for Display Network and YouTube campaigns, so expanding into Search will bring new opportunities for advertisers.

In-market audiences were first introduced in 2013, and are aimed at reaching consumers who are towards the final stages of the buying process, ready to make a purchase decision. There are over a dozen in-market audiences available within AdWords to target users engaged with purchasing things such as clothing, tickets and real estate.

Here’s what our Senior PPC Trainer, Matthew Soakell, thinks about the update:

“The announcement of in-market audiences for Search is extremely exciting and it’s something that I’m sure our account managers will be keen to try out and work within their accounts. The great thing about in-market for Search audiences is that you can target users who already have an interest in your sector/industry, which when you think about it from an advertisers’ perspective, is amazing; highly targeted audiences focusing on potential customers who’re already likely to purchase. This new feature is certainly something I’m looking forward to trying in my accounts and has the potential to be really great for AdWords advertisers.”

The introduction of these targeting options coincides with Google’s transition towards using search history or Search campaigns. The search engine has not specified when the audience feature will be available, but we can expect it to be in the very near future.

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