Google Go Global With Maximise Conversions Bidding For TrueView Action Ads

Google revealed that they will be making maximise conversions bidding available to all advertisers who make use of TrueView for Action campaigns.

TrueView for Action campaigns were initially designed to drive both conversions and leads by giving advertisers the opportunity to include headline call to actions and text overlays to video ads on YouTube. The maximise conversions strategy is actually a smart bidding strategy, that was introduced to help advertisers increase conversions. Google recognise that a maximise conversions strategy is ideal for those who are relatively new to TrueView for action campaigns, or for those who are hoping to run burst campaigns as it makes use of Google’s machine learning capabilities to get the most out of a campaign’s budget.

The search engine explains that maximize conversions is an easy and effective way to generate more of the website actions that are important to your business, like booking a trip, scheduling a test drive or requesting more information.”

This feature going global can only be a positive thing for advertisers as it provides another avenue for increased conversions and increased increased leads.