Has the future of voice search been sampled already?


Last month (March 2017) Google caused a bit of an uproar when they decided to play what many people thought was an ad through Google Home.

Picture the scene:

You get up in the morning, walk to your kitchen and say “Good morning, Google” to your Google Home device.

Google Home politely tells you what you have in your diary for the day, gives you the weather forecast and latest news etc., however they then follow this with:

“By the way, Beauty and The Beast opens in theatres today. In this version, Belle is the inventor. Sounds more like it to me.”

What would your thoughts be if this happened to you? Is it just a sign of the times or is this a violation of your own space in the comfort of your home?

The Reddit & Twitter reaction certainly gave us some insight into what people were thinking:

“Why in hell would I ever pay someone else to advertise to me, in the privacy of my own home no less?”

“Wow, Google. You were doing so much better than Siri. Then you just threw that all away. Siri may suck right now at many things, but at least I know that Apple will never inject her with ads,”

My opinion is that perhaps this method of advertising is a bit too soon for some users. But voice search and personal assistant advertising is certainly something for the future and should not be ignored.

Google did go on to respond to Business Insider and the comments left regarding the ‘Ad’:

“This isn’t an ad; the beauty in the Assistant is that it invites our partners to be our guest and share their tales.”

The video of the Ad (available to view below) started doing the rounds so Google decided to respond again:

“This wasn’t intended to be an ad. What’s circulating online was a part of our My Day feature, where after providing helpful information about your day, we sometimes call out timely content. We’re continuing to experiment with new ways to surface unique content for users and we could have done better in this case.”

It look as though advertisers and users alike will soon have to adapt to how the world is changing. We live in the age of convenience and personal assistants are a huge part of that.

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