Google Introduce New YouTube Opportunities


Within YouTube, Google has introduced a new set of opportunities that are helping advertisers find and connect with their audience in the era of convergence.

Google Youtube

Advertisers are always looking for new ways to connect and engage with their audience. With the rising importance of video, Google has introduced a new set of opportunities within YouTube designed to help brands reach core audiences across content and devices.

1 – YouTube audiences are now available on all screens

For advertisers who want to reach cord cutters – those who opt for the likes of Netflix and Apple TV over expensive cable connections – YouTube now offers a new category within AdWords named “light TV viewers”. Netflix, Apple TV and Hulu are some of the popular broadcasting services that encourage cord cutting. The cord cutting concept received a considerable amount of recognition beginning in 2010 as more Internet solutions became available. These broadcasters have convinced millions of cable and satellite subscribers to cut their cords and change to video streaming.

Traditionally, this segment is trickier for advertisers to reach as they opt to watch TV online, making them unreachable via traditional media. This new feature now allows advertisers to reach their audiences on YouTube across computers, mobile tablets, and TV screens.

2 – YouTube audiences on TV screens

As a society, we’re experiencing a shift towards people viewing YouTube on their TV’s. YouTube have capitalised on this, encouraging audiences back to the ‘big screen’ by introducing a rich YouTube experience for streaming devised, smart TVs and games consoles. Obviously, this presented a new platform for advertisers in which they could further engage with their audiences, which saw YouTube introduce the new TV screens device type. In the near future, we can also expect to see more improvements to this feature allowing advertisers to globally tailor their campaigns to this format.

3 – Introducing YouTube TV to Google Preferred

Last year Google welcomed YouTube TV, a new way to watch live TV, cable-free. Following this success, YouTube has recently added new networks to expand availability and announced partnerships with major sports leagues.

Google recognises that whilst TV is growing at a rapid pace, video is absolutely everywhere and the key is to connect with viewers wherever they’re watching.

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