Google Launch AdWords Notes


AdWords notes have been introduced meaning advertisers can easily add notes about changes, testing details and so much more in the most recent AdWords interface.

In March, Google announced that notes were coming to the new AdWords interface. The new feature has officially arrived as is now available within the latest update.

The notes feature is available at the account, campaign and ad group levels. Similarly to Google Analytics, notes in AdWords can be added by selecting a point in the performance chart. Clicking on the point will bring up an option to ‘Add Note’ as demonstrated below.

google adwords

Here, you are able to type the note, change the date and save it. Once you’ve created the note, a grey box will display where it is applied, alongside the option to see all notes created within the account. It’s worth noting that any notes you create will be visible to anyone who has access to the AdWords account.

Notes are only available in the new AdWords experience. The old interface will be phased out by the end of 2018, so getting used to the new interface is a change that needs to be made. A long-awaited update like notes is sure to encourage a number of reluctant users away from the old interface.


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