Google Launch AI-Driven AdWords


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a common buzz-word used in today’s tech scene and it’s no surprise that Google has capitalised on this emerging trend.

Google AdWords

Google has introduced several updates that integrate the new phenomena of AI into their AdWords process.

The first AI update involves Responsive Search Ads automating testing. Instead of writing entire ads providing two lines of title text and one line of description, advertisers can now submit numerous variations for each ad text component- AdWords will now automatically combine these to evaluate which performs best.

For PPC, this means that advertisers can now test numerous variations and let Google figure out what works best. Ultimately, this saves both time and money.

The other AI launch Google recently introduced is the new Shopping Ad campaign, that takes a similar shape to the universal app campaigns. Google explains that the new Shopping campaign automatically optimises bids by identifying the right audience and determining where to show ads in order to maximise conversion value.

These new AI-Driven solutions make the process a lot easier for non-expert advertisers. One of the biggest PPC battles is figuring out the right combination of settings to achieve optimum results, and these new updates ease that struggle. This, however, will increase the competition within the PPC industry. Ultimately, AI-Driven AdWords are providing new opportunities for advertisers.

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