Google Launch Four New Tools For Responsive Search Ads

Google has introduced a number of new updates to Responsive Search Ads to incorporate additional reporting functionalities and more languages.

In terms of languages, responsive search ads are now available in: Danish, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish and Turkish.

In addition, there are four new tools available for Responsive Search Ads:

Real-time feedback.

During ad creation, advertisers will now be shown a dynamically changing ad strength indicator.

Auto-generated suggestions.

Google Ads will now suggest headlines and descriptions when advertisers are in the process of creating a new responsive search ad.

Ad strength.

Within the ‘Status’ column, new information will be displayed to advertisers detailing whether the ads are losing impressions or have been disapproved.

Reusing Ads:

Advertisers will now be able to import headlines and descriptions from existing ads to responsive search ads that are in the same group.

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