Google Launch New Shopping Actions Programme


Google Shopping Actions are a new advertising feature designed to help customers shop effortlessly, whilst encouraging loyalty and engagement.

Google Shopping Actions mean the transaction is now handled by Google, rather than by the referral of the user to our own websites where the transaction typically takes place. At the minute, Shopping Actions are most often associated with the Google Express platform, but it’s actually available in a lot more places.

The new programme allows advertisers to surface products across different Google platforms, designed to create a shopping experience that encourages customers to convert from browsing to buying.

Google Shopping actions meme

Purchases on Google initially began as an experiment and have unfortunately remained mostly the same ever since. Now, Shopping Actions have changed the game, meaning users are now offered a vast range of retailers and brands through the Google Express site and app. Shopping actions are now also shown within search results pages – but only on the .com, not the shopping tab. Google have also made shopping actions available wherever Google Assistant is used, including Google Home, or any device with access to the Assistant.

Using shopping actions allow advertisers to:

  • Help customers shop effortlessly for your products on Google.
  • Improve and encourage loyalty and engagement with high-value customers.
  • Provide a shareable list, universal shopping cart and instant checkout with saved payment credentials.

With this new feature, early retail partners are yielding real results, with many seeing an overall increase in conversions at a lower cost, compared to running shopping ads alone.

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