Google Launch New Version Of Shopping Insights

This new update means advertisers are now able to view and analyse more comparative brand data with the latest update.

Google Launch New Version Of Shopping Insights For Product Search Trends

Google has released an updated version of its Shopping Insights tool in order to help advertisers view and understand data regarding popular brands and products.

The new Shopping Insights tool means advertisers are able to track which brands and products are trending and how the results vary by location. Specifically, advertisers will have increased access to data for over 55,000 products and over 45,000 brands.

In addition to the new version of Shopping Insights, Google has also introduced a number of new features within Shopping Insights. This includes:

  • Personalised Reports: This allows advertisers to create up to 10 weekly and monthly email reports for the products and categories they are most interested in. From this, Google will share with the advertiser important data regarding popular products and brands.
  • Brand Popularity Comparison: Advertisers are now able to compare the popularity of different brands for searches within specific product categories. This then allows advertisers to compare data between seasons and make informed decisions accordingly. In addition, advertisers can also use the data to fully understand how important certain brands are within a particular product category.

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