Google Launch Outstream Ads to boost video reach beyond YouTube


The new video ad format allows advertisers to reach people across the mobile web and apps.

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Google AdWords has introduced a brand-new video ad option in the form of Outstream Video Ads. This new format brings video to mobile devices and shares them in locations where no YouTube videos currently exist. This includes Google video partner mobile sites and apps.

The new Outstream Video Ads do not require placement within a YouTube video. This is a fundamental change as it allows advertisers to reach an audience when a YouTube video isn’t displayed. These videos can appear in banners for mobile web placements and as banners, interstitials, in-feed, and native for apps.

The formatting of the new ads looks extremely similar to that of the Responsive ads that popularly run across the Google Display Network. The sound is not automatic on these videos however, they will run without sound once they come into view, and a tap from the user will activate the sound (the user will also be able to restart the video).

For now, the ads will only show on Google Video Partner sites and apps, but, Google will enhance the look with several features, including;

  • Video
  • Logo
  • Headline
  • Description
  • Final URL

To set up an Outstream Video Ad, advertisers need to create a new video campaign (selecting the brand awareness and reach goal) and choose ‘Outstream’ as the campaign subtype.



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